Will the Xbox One X be a curse for current Xbox One owners?

With the release of the new microsoft console many players are worried. Is my old Xbox One still good enough or is it rendered wortheless for its current owners by the new upgraded console?

Ahead of the release of the new console Harvey Eagle, boss of Xbox UK, spoke to Newsbeat and said ” it shouldn’t alienate current Xbox owners who won’t have to upgrade if they don’t want too”.

He continued with statingĀ “Everything will work across all of those devices, the idea that nobody will be left behind is really important to us.” andĀ “It sits comfortably with our current consoles,”.

So it looks like current owners won’t have to worry about their console, for now. Microsoft definitly is going to put more effort in bringing the 4K experience to the people. Harvey Eagle even responded to that by saying:

“4K is a technology that we’re really convinced by. We believe it brings another layer of immersion when you’re playing games and by the end of this year there will be four million people in the UK with a 4K TV at home and we wanted a games console that takes advantage of that.”

Will the UK policy be worldwide? We just have to wait and see.



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