4 need-to-know facts about Xenoblade Chronicles 2

What does Nintendo have on their Swith console that is definitly a key product to their console, thats right, it’s Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles franchise.

So with its upcomming release Gamingbolt discussed the 15 need-to-know facts about the game and we at EavesdropGaming selected our top 4 changes you need to know.

#1 Brand new setting

Although it is a sequel, it is not set in the same world as previous games. So expect a whole new unique view and with it being a open-world game, Expect a completely new enviroment to explore.


#2 Excursion missions

We all know the Blades (humans who can transform with the help of a Driver) are a huge part of the Xenoblade universe but in the sequel you will be able to build up your trust with the fighting machines wth a new feature called Excursion Missions. These will be time-based missions you can send your Blades at to gain more XP, rewards or a higher trust level.


#3 Better classified UI

The problem with its predecessor was it sometimes not clear and classified UI. The developers took notice of this problem and with the first glimpse of their newest release we see a much cleare, less clustered UI with icons and messages displayed all over the screen.


#4 New Artstyle

Although Xenoblades is a beauty in its own category, the art style has been slightly changed. According to Gamingbolt it is a more “anime-like chibi art style” than we’re used to but hey, it is definitly gonna be another beautiful astonishing world to visit

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